Someone’s been very bad at updating the home page. Check out our new sex and digital dating advice column, Un.Zipt, a creative nonfiction piece from our new nonfiction editor, Zoe Hitzel, an introduction to the film work of the women film maker collaborative, Planchette, book review of Samantha Hunt’s Mr. Splitfootand a profile on independant publisher, Screamin’ Skull Press.

Whew. It’s like we’ve been busy or something. Coming in the future will be more band profiles, a write-up of a panel with famed Batman writer, Denny O’Neil, and comics’ artist, Neil Adams, another column of Un.Zipt, and much, much more. Stay tuned, dear readers.

Check out our Poetry page for new work from poets Maryann Green, Howie Good, and Salvatore Difalco.

Coming soon to SlashnBurn will be a special feature on the Orlando shooting at the LGBTQ club, Pulse, and profiles on Tucson Riot Grrl band, Foxx Bodies, with hip-hop and spoken word artist, Lando Chill, and independent screenwriter and film director, Winter Kane.

Check out our Fiction page, for a short story, “Surge,” from our new fiction editor, Emily Hoover.

Welcome to SlashnBurn, the home of everything you’ll love to hate, and hate to love.

Check out our individual pages for Slash submissions (pop culture criticisms, pop culture reviews, webcomics, and more) and Burn submissions (poetry, fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, blended genre, literary and cultural criticism, book reviews, photography, visual arts, and more). Be sure to check out our home page for news and updates, our manifesto, about, and staff pages to learn a little more about who we are and what we hope to achieve (or destroy) with SlashnBurn, and contributor pages to learn about past contributors.

Go to town, burn it down, turn around
and get your stroll on, baby
I’ll get the car, you get the match
and gasoline

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