SlashnBurn is an anti-art arts journal. Our mission statement is to publish and bring attention to work outside the conveyor belt work regurgitated out of most workshop-based MFA programs. David Foster Wallace may have been a mad genius who conned many literati into consuming his tomes of thousand page, structurally indifferent, bullshit, but not everyone needs to or should aspire to write like Wallace.

We also have zero interest in the impenetrable, anti-reader, poetry churned out by an academia that’s only interested in massaging itself and being appreciated by like-minded academia-sheltered poets.

SlashnBurn is the place where low culture smashes up against high culture. Where pop culture twerks against snob culture. Where reviews of the latest episode of Adventure Time! are posted alongside reviews of Joyce Carol Oates’ latest novel. As long as it is well written, we’ll publish it.

SlashnBurn seeks submissions in fiction, flash fiction, comics, creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry, video performance art, music, visual arts, reviews, and blended-genre. Please, no fan/slash fiction. Post that shit to a Subreddit thread. Also no hard genre work (sci-fi, fantasy, romance, Western, etc.). High-concept is fine, as long as it’s grounded in real human conflict and action.

We are a rolling publication and constantly seek new content. If you have any questions, contact one of our editors. We’re open to most submissions, as long as it’s good and treats its reader with respect.

Finally, fuck David Foster Wallace’s bandanas.