Our esteemed founder, editor-in-chief, and general ego-maniac: Mateo Keegan Burbano.

Mateo, as editor-in-chief and founder of SlashnBurn, reads things and comments on them. Based on his comments, something or other happens. Mateo received his MA in creative writing from Northern Arizona University where he served as assistant managing editor for Thin Air. He also was on the staff of Fiction International out of San Diego, CA, and editor for online journal, Four Ties Lit Review. Mateo has been a writer, playwright, college educator, adult educator, social worker, grill cook, and professional safecracker. He enjoys making things up and writing them down, be it stories, plays, or grocery lists containing fantastical items like bologna-chainsaw-hands. His work has been performed at the Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase, has appeared in the inaugural editions of Four Ties Lit Review and the Narrow Chimney Reader, in multiple issues of Hocus Pocus and other zines, and online at He has read his work at community events and academic conferences.  Mateo does not currently have an agent or book deal. He is grateful to have pants.

You can contact Mateo at


Managing Editor and official haberdasher: Case Duckworth.

Case Duckworth primarily reads picture books to preschoolers to make his living. In his spare time, he reads fantasy and science fiction, crochets, and makes up writing challenges for himself, which he rarely completes. He’s uncomfortable with the concept of favorites in general, but holds strong opinions. He likes to say that he is mercurial, a word he came across while reading about a famous author (he thinks Mark Twain, but can’t be sure) that means he has strong opinions but holds them loosely. He’s been writing seriously, if not well, since seventh grade, and reading well, if not seriously, since first. He has two dogs and fosters more.



Fiction editor and professional card counter: Emily Hoover.

Emily Hoover’s recent poetry publications include Potluck Magazine and FIVE2ONE Magazine, her fiction has appeared in tNY. Press, 0-Dark-Thirty’s The Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, Wraparound South and others, and her book reviews have been featured in Southern Literary Review, Fiction Writers Review, Flag Live, and Ploughshares blog. She lives in Las Vegas and is currently working on a short story collection about her home state of Florida.

I look for diverse fiction that slices open the heart and invites each reader to bleed, shed perceptions, and emerge changed. Life begins at the edge of one’s comfort zone, and the same is true of good fiction. I do not discriminate – I enjoy experimental work as well as traditional, flash as well as classical short stories. Shock me, scare me, move me with authenticity.


Editor and expert examiner of small things: Chelsea Burk.

Chelsea Burk received her MA in Literature from Northern Arizona University, where she also served as managing editor of Thin Air literary journal. She is originally from Illinois, and currently lives in Phoenix, where she teaches. The hope is, that her efficiency skills and no-nonsense, will make-up for the lackadaisical approach SlashnBurn’s founder takes to both work and living.

Visual arts editor and douche-culture scholar and enthusiast: Kevin Baird.

Kevin Baird is moving to Alaska and he thinks your face is a work of art. He wrote for newspapers in New Mexico and Arizona. He probably found inspiration for his bio on a bathroom stall wall.


Nonfiction Editor and Chief Diversity Officer: Shyla Dogan.

Shyla Dogan is a nonfiction writer originally from Florida. Bits and pieces of her are from other parts of the southeast and half of her is from the Middle East. She mostly writes about topics related to class warfare, race, her eccentric family, and the fact that the struggle is real. When not actively attempting to decolonize her mind, she works toward finishing her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Arizona. She has a Master’s degree in Near Eastern Studies from the University of Arizona and a Master’s of Education in Anthropology and Education from Columbia University.


Poetry editor and feline-wrangler: Khara House.

Khara House received her MA in English with a Creative Writing focus and Poetry thesis from Northern Arizona University in Arizona, where she also served as an Instructor, Graduate Teaching Assistant, and Poetry Editor for Thin Air Magazine. As a founding editor for Bloodstone Review, Khara is devoted to the discovery of meaningful, touchable, poetry and poetic voices. Khara is passionate about poetry, as well as all her personal, professional, and creative pursuits. She is also passionate about her cats, but don’t hold that against her; she is equally passionate about wine.


Music and visual arts editor and general about-town expert: Daphna Ron.

Daphna Ron was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Before moving to Tucson, she roustabouted in Madison, Wisconsin and Boston, Massachusetts. Daphna plays drums in Sockfight!, Things That Aren’t Words, and fills in with many other acts. Daphna’s love of the arts and music “transcends” (whatever that means) many genres.


Geek culture editor, dweeb overlord, and office party caterer:  Corwin Scott Gibson.

Corwin Scott Gibson is a writer, artist, educator, and consumer of garbage culture in western Colorado. He received his MA in Creative Writing at Northern Arizona University, where he also ran a short-lived, mostly illicit B-movie night and provided color commentary for the local pro wrestling organization. He once was on the receiving end of a DDT from a wrestler, and still feels the effects of a back suplex he took in 2012. After a brief foray into journalism, Gibson has devoted his free time to thinking deeply about professional wrestling and awful films, and has been published in fanzines like The Atomic Elbow, Pro Wrestling Feelings, and the upcoming revival of Kill You Last. He has more obsolete video game consoles than would be considered reasonable and not nearly enough anime tapes in his collection to make it embarrassing yet. Corwin’s artwork can be viewed and purchased here.

Musiconomist, cinemachiatrist, and party bus captain : Barry Montgomery.
Barry Montgomery rambled out of the mild Midwest on a meandering path that has included a bewildering variety of jobs, from scraping dried adhesive goo off the side of enormous metal tanks to editing the words of archangels and extraterrestrial overlords as channeled through human conduits. (He’s not making any of this up, though he suspects some of those human conduits probably were.) He won several regional Captain Beefheart lookalike contests, but was never able to translate that into success at the tri-state level. Barry studied English and Psychology as an undergrad and earned an MA in English from the University of Virginia. He’s mainly worked as a writer and editor, producing material on every third topic under the sun—from false eyelash adhesives to outer space “burials,” from financial news to the practice of open defecation in rural India. His favorite topics are music and film, and his favorite color is purple. Despite his insistence that his best writing actually happens in emails, nobody takes this seriously–they’re all too busy Snapchatting to read emails anyway.

Visual and performance arts editor, and play-date organizer: Kate Meyer.

Kate Meyer is from a small NYC suburb in New Jersey, where spent much of her formative years in The City. Favorite urban activities of her teens included attending punk shows, the Limelight, and random art events in the Village and SoHo. She discovered animal rights, feminism, Amnesty International, and the Grateful Dead. Kate relocated to Tucson, in 1994, to attend the Fine Arts program at the University of Arizona. Kate spent the next twenty-two years working on arts events, after parties, pop up galleries, performance art, burlesque, backup dancing/signing/percussion with the Zsa Zsas, and had a downtown art gallery. Her time at a number of non-profits further stimulated her passion for helping our community and provided valuable experience working with vulnerable populations including at risk youth, developmentally disabled adults, the elderly, and SMI individuals.

Kate has been able to combine her skills in arts event planning to help organize community events such as Take Back the Night, Denim Day Tucson, the Youth and Peace Conference, and the Body Love Conference. Kate was ready to move back east in 2004 when she happened upon the love of her life. Together with their (recently adopted) foster son (they are quite sure) they make the perfect family. Kate readily admits all of the above would not be possible without the love and support of her amazing husband and son.



Reader and future legal counsel: Kayin Johnson.
Kayin Johnson has a BS in Political Science from Northern Arizona University, so she is in no way qualified to critique writing submissions, or to complete a paragraph that isn’t 86% bullshit. She became a passionate reader as a result of spending years as a socially-avoidant, home-schooled kid and currently lives in a small apartment overflowing with floral dresses, lingerie, and, of course, books.